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introduction to spiritual activism


Spiritual activism is a breath … a heartbeat … a rhythm. We exhale, go into the world, and do the works of compassionate justice that compel us.  We also know that we will not get it right the first time around, so we gather to pray, reflect, and refine our approaches. Spiritual activism is best learned in a facilitated, caring community of learners. 

self-care for activists


Activists tend to suffer from burnout. No wonder. Activism fights the good fight even when obstacles are formidable and the currents are hostile. This is especially true in a stressed-out society where anxiety and alienation are already common. How do we balance the demands of activism with personal well-being, wholeness, and spiritual balance? Together, we explore elements of restorative self-care.

politics in the pulpit?


Many faith leaders sense a call to prophetic preaching and public activism. However, many faith leaders are also silenced, fearing that their faith community has little appetite for what they perceive as "politics from the pulpit." We identify practical strategies for how one can move faithfully into a life of spiritual activism while also bringing one's faith community along, however slowly that may be.

healing conflict


Together, we learn how to articulate and refine our reactions to conflict and build a repertoire of skills and responses for various conflict situations. I offer skill building in listening, responding, asserting self, problem solving, and dealing with conflict. We explore conflict through the lenses of Family Systems Theory, Appreciative Inquiry, EQ, Cultural Literacy, and Non-violent Communciation.

activism for introverts


Not everyone is designed to be on the frontlines. Some sense a call to activism, but wish to do so in more relational, subdued ways. We discovers strategies for introverts to engage in social issues: finding one's voice, issues of privilege and power, and identifying and building on one's strengths.

truth, justice, and the common good


What does it mean to be human? What does it mean to live a life of meaning and purpose? What does it mean to forge a more just society for the common good? We study the human condition, and ethical and social responsibility, in dialogue with one another and our faith traditions.

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